Cuba at its best: Hiking the valleys of beautiful green Viñales

When we visited Cuba I was quite surprised by the diversity of the nature on the island! After some beaches and beautiful colonial cities we traveled to Viñales, located on the west tip of the island. As soon as you get in the area you see the landscape changing: tropical, extremely green vegetation, lots and lots of palm trees, pools of water, smoothly shaped “elephant” hills. This beautiful serene city is the hub of a hiking paradise.

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Relax and enjoy the Caribbean vibe: Little Corn Island

Had it all with after a couple tough weeks of hiking, climbing, city tripping and horse riding in Nicaragua? Holiday time it is! And the East coast is where you want to go. You will find beautiful white sandy beaches, waving palm trees, azul blue sea and on top of that a taste of the extremely relaxed Caribbean vibe.

Sounds good, right? We thought so. Looking for a place to restore and completely reload? Head to Isla de Maïz Pequeña: Little Corn Island.

There is only a tiny hiccup: the journey to this bounty island is quite challenging.

No worries: I summed it all up for you. If you take the easy road, you’ll get there in a couple hours. Otherwise, in 2 days. 

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