Get wet and dirty: hike towards Cascada Arcoiris in Reserva de Biósfera Bosawás, Nicaragua

Yes, I guess you got the point while reading my blogs. My boyfriend and I love hiking.
And since the area around Matagalpa, in the Northern Highlands of Nicaragua, is home to almost 50 waterfalls, we decided to hike towards one of the biggest: Cascada Arcoiris (the Rainbow Waterfall). It is not a difficult trail, but the mud makes it very interesting.

Want to get wet and dirty? Read on.

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Cows, pigs and a lot of beans and potatoes: the rustic countryside of Miraflor, Nicaragua

Imagine greener than green hills, a blue sky and a grazing cattle in the valley below. Birds flying by, you hear a horse neigh from somewhere behind you. For a second I found myself in the mountains of Switzerland or Austria, however, we were hiking the Northern Highlands of Nicaragua.
If you want to clear your mind, get rid of the tourists in the colonial cities of Nicaragua, Miraflor is where you will have to go.

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Somoto Canyon: unmissable adventurous canyon trip in the Northern Highlands

If you ask me, I would say the northern part of Nicaragua is underestimated. Since a lot of Nica travelers fly over for about 3 weeks, they try to squeeze in a couple of cities, volcanoes and beach fun before they take the plane back.

That’s a pity, because the Northern Highlands offer misty cloud forests, idyllic country side landscapes with the best coffee and tobacco plantations, and beautiful valleys and canyons. One of those canyons is the Canyon de Somoto. If you are looking for some action in and around the river, this canyon is the place to go to.

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Bluefields and beyond: How to reach East coast of Nicaragua

As you could read in the blog about Little Corn Island  the East coast of Nicaragua is the perfect getaway for a couple days (or weeks) of beach fun with plenty of sun, cocktails, sharks, coconuts, Rondon and snorkeling.

However, the East coast is quite hard to reach since the majority of the land is covered by jungle and mangroves.

If you have time and want to explore the East part with it’s beaches and jungle, the city of Bluefields is a good starting point. This town is situated in the middle of the coastline. It’s at the end of the Rio Escondido river, in the Bluefields Bay. From there you can arrange a panga (boat) and head to the Pearl Lagoon in the North, or take the ferry to Big Corn Island.

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Relax and enjoy the Caribbean vibe: Little Corn Island

Had it all with after a couple tough weeks of hiking, climbing, city tripping and horse riding in Nicaragua? Holiday time it is! And the East coast is where you want to go. You will find beautiful white sandy beaches, waving palm trees, azul blue sea and on top of that a taste of the extremely relaxed Caribbean vibe.

Sounds good, right? We thought so. Looking for a place to restore and completely reload? Head to Isla de Maïz Pequeña: Little Corn Island.

There is only a tiny hiccup: the journey to this bounty island is quite challenging.

No worries: I summed it all up for you. If you take the easy road, you’ll get there in a couple hours. Otherwise, in 2 days. 

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The rough west coast of Nicaragua; surfers paradise

Nicaragua is captured by 2 oceans: First you have the 50 shades of blue, easy snorkling Carribean sea at the East coast.
The sand is white, palm trees wave in the wind, fisherboats pass by searching for lobsters.
And then there is the rough West coast. No white sand and palm trees here, large beaches of vulcanic gray sand stretch out.
Lots of wind and rocks cause the sea to start creating waves, big waves that is.

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